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Sep 2

Ecuador Pictures (Week 5)

Amusing scene at the fiesta in Otavalo.

Coastline of Isla de la Plata (poor man’s Galapagos)

A pair of Blue Footed Boobies on Isla de la Plata.

Blue Footed Booby.

Female Blue Footed Booby with her eggs.

Nazca Booby and chick.

A pair of Nazca Boobies on Isla de la Plata.

An Albatross which are endangered on Isla de la Plata.

Jumping Humpback Whale off the Ecuadorian coast (Difficult to photograph, hence the grainy photo).

Jumping Humpback Whale (photo credit to Anna).

  1. jammieno3 said: props to anna for the whale picture. that is amazing
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